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Progettazione packaging pasticceria torte e design logo Keple-Drystudio
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Progettazione Logo Keple-Drystudio
Branding design Keple-Drystudio
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Keple is a historic bakery in the center of Asiago, a city in the mountains in the north of Italy. In addition to bread, they bake cookies, pastries, and leavened cakes. We designed the rebranding and the packaging for their products. We re-designed the K in a contemporary way, recalling the gothic fonts typical of that region.
For the packaging we chose a natural color palette, inspired by the territory around the bakery, and combined it with a more modern graphic design. We wanted a contemporary and joyful packaging that emphasized the quality of the products. The textures, minimal illustrations, and windows that let you see the product create colorful packaging with a beautiful composition on the shelf. Everything is printed on natural paper to underline the genuine ingredients and handmade process.
Progettazione packaging biscotti Keple Drystudio
packaging design biscotti Keple Drystudio
Progetto Packaging biscotti Keple Drystudio
design packaging e logo Keple-Drystudio
packaging design grissini Keple Drystudio
Progettazione packaging grissini Keple-Drystudio
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Client Keple
Photo still life: Magma Studio/ life style: Giulia Fassina
Year 2020