Polaroid Eyewear

they float.

Copywriting Polaroid Eyewear Dry Studio

Our collaboration with Safilo for Polaroid Eyewear was dynamic and fun. They gave us a lot of creative freedom to tell a new product story. Sunglasses, but Hey, they float! We focused on informal storytelling for this summer campaign, communicating the product and its functionality through stickers, badges, and icons that would convey lightess, fun, summer, and obviously that these sunglasses float!

Illustration advertising campaign Floating Polaroid Eyewear - Dry Studio
Social Advertising Floating Polaroid Eyewear - DryStudio

We are party proof.
We float in the water, under the sun.
Our thoughts are like ice-cold drinks
and no rescue operation is needed today,
because sinking has never
been so old-fashioned.
So chill, chill on the waves.
And today will last longer
if you are lazy enough.

Campagna visual storytelling Polaroid Eyewear - Dry Studio
Floating adv Polaroid
Social Media Marketing Polaroid Eyewear - Dry Studio
Illustrazione e storytelling Polaroid Eyewear - Dry Studio
Merchandising ADV Campaign Floating Polaroid Eyewear - Dry Studio

Client Polaroid Eyewear
Year 2020