Molino Verrini

Progettazione packaging farina Molino Verrini-DryStudio
Famiglia sacchi Molino Verrini-DryStudio

For Molino Verrini we worked on restyling the logo and a wider rebranding for everything from the website to the flour bags. We started with the organic flour line. We chose to emphasize, with illustrations, the care and the commitment that this family puts in the choice of the grains and the respect for the territory for generations.

Progettazione Logo Molino Verrini DryStudio
Flour packaging design-DryStudio
Projecto Packaging harina Molino Verrini
Progettazione Packaging farina per pizza Molino Verrini-DryDesign

Client Molino Verrini
Photo Chiara Rigato
Year 2018