Progettazione Packaging biscotti Biscoteca
Progettazione Packaging Biscotti DryStudio

After disco, eat a Bisco!

These packs of cookies made in Puglia are full of references to the disco music world. Starting from the brand name, we wanted to interpret an artisanal project in an alternative way, taking the traditional cookies from “Felline to London”. The tray is inspired by the mirror ball and protects the cookies during shipping.

All the brand is built around a nostalgic copy, bold typography, and a funk palette.

Progettazione Packaging Biscotti Arancia DryStudio
Progettazione Packaging Bischi mais e cioccolato DryStudio
Progettazione Packaging Bischi vaniglia DryStudio
Branding e packaging Biscoteca DryStudio

Client: Biscoteca

Year 2021

Photos: Studio Magma