Progettazione packaging linea prodotto Elbec
Progettazione Linea di Prodotto Elbec
Progettazione Packaging Spedizione Elbec
Realizzazione cartellini segnalibro Elbec
Realizzazione packaging prodotto Elbec

Elbec was born in Val Pettorina – Dolomites, as a line of socks and accessories made from merino wool, characterized by the sustainability in the production and shipment and the high quality of raw materials.
The image and packaging are designed to enhance these characteristics. The E-commerce site was created in the same clean and minimal line. Promotion on the web and social media is always done with the aim of consolidating these concepts related to the brand thus increasing its notoriety and sales. We are proud to collaborate in the growth of this project!

Realizzazione linea di prodotto e packaging elbec
Progettazione Branding e immagine coordinata Elbec
Packaging linea di prodotto Elbec
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Client Elbec

Photo Chiara rigato

Year 2017-2021