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We have collaborated with Crak, now a household name in Italy, since the brewery was founded in 2015. The image had to communicate that they produce beers with massive doses of hops, no compromises, and an unwavering commitment to balance and integrity. The project was ambitious. The brewery wanted a strongly recognizable product, but at the same time asked for every single label to be a unique using illustration, color, or anything that would capture that particular beer’s essence. In order to make their brand recognizable, we played with the label shape and the idea of a rupture or crack (Cr/ak) by “slashing” the logo. We chose simple typography so that it complimented the different style of each beer.

When Crak Brewery decided to stop using glass in favor of cans, we designed the label for the new 400ml format. Some of the cans are printed on metal while others use a label. The can, like the cap on a glass beer, is totally black. Every beer is different and whether the design is minimal or illustrated, it remains strongly connected to that particular beer.

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Client Crak Brewery
Photo Chiara Rigato/Giulia Fassina/Crak Brewery
Year 2017-2020